The sale features 146  carefully curated lots including Clarence van Duzer's Op-art piece Green, Orange, Blue, ca. 1965. The masterpiece playfully merges a kinetic sculptural sunburst of brass rays hovering above a geometric field of complimentary colours, bright greens, orange and blues, a classic Op-art doctrine of colour and pattern.

Duzer's contemporaries and friends Richard Anuszkiewicz, Julian Stanczak and Edwin Mieczkowski will also be featured in the sale.

Richard Joseph Anuszkiewicz's Untitled, 1971, from The Portal Series is to be included. Anuszkiewicz was a member of the Anonima Group, which was made up of Ohio artists who exhibited collectively in the 1960's. The group focused on the psychology of perception, creating a voyeuristic spatial dimension on two-dimensional surfaces.

Liechtenstein's Alice in Wonderland, 1947, was created whilst the artist was finishing his masters at Ohio Sate University.

Pat Adams completed Clearing, during a visit to Kent State University in 1980. Adams, aged 86, is one of the most decorated female artists still living and working in North America. This piece was exhibited at The Berkshire Museum in 1988.

Other highlights by Modern and Contemporary masters include Calder's 1969 piece Sea Creatures, Warhol's Hot Dog Bean Soup Can (1969), Alex Katz's Plaid Shirt 1 (1981), and Chuck Close's Janet (2007.)

As well as these masters of colour there is an incredible selection of talented emerging Chinese artists.

The auction also includes works to benefit Kent State University's new Center for the Visual Arts, The Thomas D. Little Scholarship Fund and the School of Art Collection and Acquisition Fund. Artwork features works from alumni, donors and faculty including Morton Grossman, Patricia Zinmeister-Parker, Man Ray, Diana Al-Hadid and Robert Rauschenberg to name but a few.

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