In 2008, Bodin moved into the 238 square metre apartment. And it was in much need of some TLC. Bodin had the dilapidated apartment renovated into the wondrous living space that it is today.

It was important for me carefully renovate the apartment -  to retain its soul. Instead of tearing up the walls between the kitchen and living room, as many do today, I tried to, instead, keep the open space outside the kitchen, as the cupboards and drawers are the originals from when the house was built. Also, I saw the benefits of keeping the rooms as they were given that I have teenagers at home, who could break out into the kitchen with friends while I was in the living room.

Anna renovated all the doors painting them with a pure white gloss, reminiscent of the oil paint used on the woodwork of yesteryear. Instead of putting in new windows, Anna went to the District Courts in Nacka's Land and Environment department where she located hand-blown windows that fitted perfectly with the apartment's aesthetic.

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Gold, beige, black and brass runs like a thread through the living room with splashes of green in the shape of ornaments matching the fireplace.

I have a lot of art and antiques, otherwise, I have allowed the interior to be totally neutral colours so as to emphasize these pieces in the best way.

Neutral colours largely permeate the space, apart from Anna's office which has an orange wallpaper reminiscent of Hermes signature colour.

The office is mix of orange walls, floral curtains, Moroccan carpets, gold mirrors finished with a patterned desk. Despite all this colour and pattern - the room is calming and harmonious.

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You should not be apprehensive when it comes to colour, you just have to be daring.

A good tip is to make a mood board to see how colour swatches match. As soon as I saw this wallpaper I had to have it. The curtains are Svensk Tenn and have a brown and orange colour palette which matches the wallpaper as well as the furniture in the office. 

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The desk is from the 1970s and has been upholstred with an antique wallpaper featuring scenes of Sweden.

Buying cheaper furniture purchased at an online auction or a flea market means you can experiment with them, by repainting or wallpapering, something you would never dare to do with a more expensive piece. It is also a good way to get capture the character of a piece.

The office, hall and corridors are decked out with a seaweed carpet from Walles & Walles.

Carpets permeate the interiors. I like it when big rug spreads out and embraces a room, it gives a very international, luxurious and cozy feeling that I like.

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The lightly decorated bedroom is adorned with a beautiful French-inspired wardrobe with paned mirror glass. In keeping with the window designs of the original house, Anna created a lattice mirrored panels on the windows and wardrobes, creating a harmony throughout the house.

Next to the bed is Anna's favourite object, a table clock in rose gold and marble. The 1920s Art Deco piece was made around the same time that the apartment was built.

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The kitchen is by the Danish design company Kvik, and the room has a new Chateau Kährs oak floor. The wide planks are remniscient of the apartment's original floor. The dining room has a mix of mis-matched chairs, all flea market finds as well as four Empire chairs that Anna's mother bought at auction in the 1970s and then renovated herself.

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Place flea market finds with antique chairs, everything in the same interior does not have to be expensive. Quite the contrary, auctions, flea markets and thrift stores offer a wonderful chance to experiment with different styles. I mix piece I buy at auction with heirlooms and what else I already have. By mixing up expensive items with cheaper finds results in a more vibrant space.

My home carries a story. Almost nothing is new, the interior is made up of everything I have collected over the years. I like to move an object around until it finds its place in the home. You've heard the old phrase ''Less is more", well in fact I think "more is more." The most important thing in a home is that, no matter what the style, it feels inviting. It should not look like a showroom.

Photography: Anne Nyblaeus

Stylist: Stephanie Bjelke Tribe

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