The twelve metre long inflatable pig was created by artist and Air Artists founder Rob Harriss. ''Algie'' was the star of Pink Floyd music video for "Pigs (Three Different Ones)", which was written in 1977 for the album "Animals", in which the pig represented the people who stood at the top of society.

Now Rob Harries is clearing out his studio to accommodate the creation of new works, "Algie" is being sold at Durrants auction house along with other spectacular works that served as stage sets for several of the world's biggest bands such as the Rolling Stones, AC / DC, Iron Maiden and Bon Jovi.

A pig with a view A pig with a view

"I'm sad to see them go but they very rarely see the light of day and so I would be quite happy for someone else to take them for a walk.''

"The clear-out has been quite cathartic and brought back a lot of memories, but I do feel I've been there and done that now, and it's time to move on." Rob Harries told the BBC.

The items will be auctioned at the Suffolk auction house Durrants on 15th September. No starting price has been indicated as of yet, but you can already surmise that the interest will be high. Because, who doesn't want one twelve metre long pig?

Especially when it's called Algie and once belonged to Pink Floyd.

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3/9/2015 Algie, the original inflatable pig on the cover of Pink Floyd's album Animals, has been withdrawn from sale.