Barnebys is proud to announce its newest partnership with Achetez de l'Art, a french initiative which encourages people to buy art and support the art market, from auction houses to galleries, art experts, dealers and artists!

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Achetez de l'Art is here to prove the art market is not limited to multi-million pound auction results, fakes and thefts.

Here Achetez de l'Art mission:

  • We need to change the general public's perception, in particular the younger generations, to make them understand that this world is available to all, that buying art (of every kind), from artist studios, galleries, auctions, at fairs or on the internet is captivating and addictive, brings joy (and bargains) into our lives.
  • We need to encourage people to nurture their collector's mind, for even the greatest collections started from nothing and the more collectors there are, the more artists can afford to create, especially the lesser known ones.
  • We need to put the french art market back in the international game.

Barnebys supports Achetez de l'Art's cause and encourages you to do the same. Get your badge or tote and show your support today!

Why not start your collection with a quick search, you never know what marvels you will find!