2015-14-01-sleepwalking-artist-e1421251923349 Marilyn Monroe, by Hadwin

Incredibly, Lee Hadwin can not reproduce the works whilst he is awake.

Hadwin commented on his talent:"The thing that's baffling the sleep clinics is that I cannot produce the same things when I'm awake."

Hadwin began creating the pieces in his sleep as a child, and as the years passed the works improved with closer attention to detail.

''I drew the Marilyn Monroe pictures and in the morning I just looked at them and thought 'Oh wow!,'" Hadwin said.

Hadwin has now quit his day job as a care worker in order to focus on his work as an artist. A decision which has paid off as famed entrepreneur Donald Trump is in Hadwin's client list and his image of Marilyn Monroe sold for £4 000.