The report outlines the fastest growing digital platforms in the art and auction sector, where Barnebys is listed as one of the top players. The report reads: Barneby's is worth mentioning due to a very robust digital audience growth, fully in line with our prediction published in the winter report that this brave Swedish start up is on pace to challenge the dominant position of incumbents Invaluable, Live Auctioneers and the-saleroom. Barneby's has perhaps the savviest digital marketing abilities, allowing for robust and sustainable traffic growth over the recent quarters.

Since January, Barnebys have overtaken the-saleroom in terms of digital audience. Through the newly released price bank, which shows all the final prices of previous auctions as well as a valuation service, Barnebys offers services that competitors lack. The report continued to read; Their search function is more complete than, say, Live Auctioneers, when they list both paying auction houses Sotheby's and non-paying auction houses.

Skate's report highlights how Barnebys  is most notable in terms of being the leading digital search service for fine art and antiques, and as a strong existential threat to Live Auctioneers, Invaluable and the-saleroom now that the US market is about to be taken by Barnebys.