The series of satrical portraits, which Sherman has coined as Project Twirl, has been inspired by the notion of social media validation.

"I just loved the description of these people," Sherman told Harper's Bazaar. "These characters who go to the fashion shows—and twirl, as you talk about."

As part of the project, Sherman was given a list of popular fashion and lifestyle Instagram accounts to inspire her.

''I was physically repulsed after looking at some of these accounts—thinking how this person travels with hair and makeup and a photographer and is just going to visit her sister in L.A.?"

"They're not even selfies; they're setups. Then some of them get paid to wear the clothes? I guess it makes sense—it's business, but there's just something dead about the whole thing. It's so self-involved."

We're guessing @CindySherman won't be appearing on Instagram anytime soon...