Fabergé eggs Image via colourbox.com Fabergé eggs
Image via colourbox.com

The Fabergé eggs in question were worth up to a staggering £800 000. Police have still been unable to uncover the whereabouts of the treasures. Included in the missing items list is a gold and silver aquamarine necklace with a £35 000 price tag, a Fabergé Jasmine flower silver gilt with a value of £550 000 and a Fabergé bulldog and cockerel both worth £25 000, as well as rings worth around £20 000.

Tobin is pleading guilty to two counts of burglary. Tobin's defence lawyer Jack Talbot said: "He accepts he took the items. It may be part of the mitigation that he did not know their value."

Tobin requested to be sentenced from prison via a video.

"I would prefer to get sentenced via video link so I don't have to leave the prison."

Judge Owen Davies replied: "You will be remanded in custody and you face a long prison sentence."

This will perhaps be the most expensive Easter egg hunt as London's Metropolitan Police force try to locate the whereabouts of the items.

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