Operation Voyeurs, which launched in July of last year with the aim to find those at the centre of the art forgery ring. Police began by carrying out checks at border control in Lleida. Following an inspection of an Andorran resident, who was carrying what appeared to be Miró drawings and their certificates of authenticity, police had the works analysed by experts who concluded they were fakes.

Sp_ Two Civil Guard agents inspect one of the fake Joan Miró drawings
Photo via: Guardia Civil

The ''collector'' was monitored and the police found he made several trips to Zaragoza, where he would sell his forgeries to art dealers and collectors.

The suspect went on to store the drawings in the office of a relative, a lawyer in Tarragona, in an attempt to avoid border control searches.

Two other individuals were arrested ,including the alleged middleman ,a Zaragoza-based art dealer.

Police successfully seized nine pieces during the operation, amongst the forgeries were six ''Miró's'', two ''Matisse's' and a ''Picasso.''

In Aprils 2014 Spanish art dealer Jose Carlos Bergantiños Diaz and his partner were arrested following the Knoedler & Co. art forgery scandal. The pair are on accused of selling forgeries attributed to Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, and Robert Motherwell and others for over $33 million.