Grayson Perry Image via I D Online Grayson Perry
Image via I D Online

Perry's role will be to address the public with the importance of the British Museum, on a national and international level.

President of the Royal Academy of Arts, Christopher Le Brun said: ''We are delighted with the appointment of Grayson Perry RA as the Royal Academy Trustee of the British Museum. Royal Academicians have traditionally made a significant contribution to British cultural life, and this is one of several positions that illustrate their influence. Grayson's energy and generosity with his time will undoubtedly be hugely beneficial to the work of the British Museum, and he is a worthy successor to Sir Antony Gormley RA."

2011 saw Perry curate "Grayson Perry: Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman" at the British Museum. The decision to appoint Perry was aided by his impressive Reith Lectures he presented in 2014.

Chairman of the Trustees of the British Museum, Richard Lambert, commented: ''I am delighted that the Royal Academy has nominated Grayson Perry RA as its Trustee to replace Sir Antony Gormley. In his exhibition Grayson showed his understanding of the British Museum as a treasure house of invention and imagination. He has demonstrated the human compulsion to make beautiful and moving things. I would like to thank Sir Antony Gormley for his wonderful contribution to the life and work of the British Museum".