gin_ I Could Go For Something Gordon’s

The artist is facing allegations that he used a Mitchel Gray's photograph from a 1986 advertisement for Gordon's Dry Gin.

Gray filed a lawsuit against Koons in the Manhattan federal court for using his photograph "nearly unchanged and in its entirety."

Mitchel Gray's original advertisement Mitchel Gray's original advertisement

The global auction house Phillips will also be facing the lawsuit as they are the yet-to-be-name former owner of the Koons work, which was sold at their London saleroom for £1.37 million in 2008.

The piece in question is Koons' I Could Go For Something Gordon's which was part of the Luxury and Degradation series which featured alcohol-themed artworks.

The style of Koons kitsch works does reinterpret and recreate images which have already been produced by other sources.