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Do you consider yourself a piece of work?

The time has come to discover your inner work of art. This is all thanks to Art Selfie, the new application from Google Arts & Culture, a project born in 2011 to digitise works of art and make them usable in every corner of the planet.

In January of last year, Google launched the beta version of the application. They made it a test run available to TV presenters, football players and actors so that these figures could spread the news of the new project which compares the user's face with thousands of artworks from collections throughout the world.

After successfully testing Art Selfie, Google Arts & Culture doubled the number of works in its system and on 4 September 2018 made the app available globally, including the United Kingdom. But how does it work exactly?

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When you take a selfie, the app compares the photo with the artworks in its database and in a quick few seconds shows you the portraits which you best resemble, with a percentage of accuracy. By clicking on the works you can then find out more about the painting, the museum in which it is located, and the artist who created the work.

The shares of the app's results on Instagram and Twitter are already in the thousands and have been increasing from hour to hour. And, apparently, Art Selfie works very well: a young woman from Saint Louis in the United States has been paired with a portrait of her grandmother.

What about yourself? You'll have to get snapping to find out.

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