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Lincoln Townley Image: Courtesy of Lincoln Townley Lincoln Townley
Image: Courtesy of Lincoln Townley

Self-taught, Lincoln Townley faced many a rejection from galleries who refused to represent him. Astonishing, considering Michael Caine coined the artist "the new Andy Warhol.''

Now, the 43-year-old artist's popularity has exploded on to the art market, thanks to an exhibition at Somerset House of his ICONS collection back in 2016. Townley's work has also been exhibited at London's Saatchi Gallery and Brisbane Power House in Australia.

al-pacino-gold-edition Lincoln Townley, Al Pacino Gold

The ICONS series has now became what Townley's is most identified with: raw and occasionally surreal portraits of such stars as Michael Caine, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro. Townley's portraits of Prince and David Bowie were recently sold for £300 000 and £250 000 respectively each and his portrait of Muhammad Ali sold for £510 000.

robbie-williams Lincoln Townley, Robbie Williams

robert-de-niro-3 Lincoln Townley, Robert De Niro

"Sports personalities, musicians, movie stars, television (...) I paint them as they are, not according to their character" explains the artist. "You have to understand the person as an artist, who they are and what they have accomplished."

"I think that artists, especially painters or those who use a visual form, are attracted by something that reflects where they are going (...) They can then take people along."

The works of Lincoln Townley are currently being exhibited at London Art Merchants, 7-13 Cotton Gardens, E2 8DN, London. Find all of Townley's works on Barnebys here. London Art Merchants will be opening Paris Art Merchants in summer 2017.