Master forger Mark Landis is the subject of new documentary Art and Craft, see the trailer below.

Landis replicated Da Vinci's La Gioconda in an impressive 90 minutes which can be see in a New York City coffee shop Think Coffee. The piece is signed by Landis in order for it not to be confused with the Renaissance masterpiece.


Although not quite as valuable as the original, the piece will go on sale for $25,000 with the proceeds from the sale going to benefit the Lauren Rogers Museum in Landis's hometown of Laurel, Mississippi.

The Lauren Rogers Museum is one of the many museums Landis fooled into displaying one of his forgeries during his 30 year career as a con artist, although Landis' actions were never with cruel intent. Amazingly, he used outlandish costumes and provenance documentation to fool museums into believing his works were the real deal.

Matthew Leininger, the director of museum services at the Cincinnati Art Museum, followed Landis by tracking down his forgeries in order to find him.  See his incredible story here.