Three months ago Picacco's attic studio in Paris where the artist painted Guernica was classed a historic monument by the French state following a petition to protect it from being redeveloped into a hotel. Now the pottery studio in the south of France in which Picasso created more than 4,000 works requires renovation.

The workshop in Vallauris has been closed for six years, having been bought by local authorities from the Ramie family for €3 million last May. It was then re-opened to the public in December.

Picasso worked in the studio from 1947-1971. Now is in need of drastic repairs as the damp walls and holes in the roof are causing the building to deteriorate.


Picasso at Chez Madoura, 1953.

Jean Leonetti, the president of the association and the deputy mayor of Antibes, said the most urgent renovation work would start in the autumn. "Studies show that the budget isn't excessive," he said. The mayor of Vallauris, Michelle Salucki explained the town did not have the means to buy Madoura outright, it was collaborating on the project to turn it into a "cultural centre for ceramics."