Le-Guennec-Picasso Pierre Le Guennec and wife Danielle at their trial in Grasse, France

The verdict will be delivered in 20th March on whether Le Guennec and his wife are guilty of handling stolen goods. Read more on the case here.

The artworks in question are believed to be worth a total of £45 - 60 million.

From Picasso's ''stolen'' collection From Picasso's ''stolen'' collection

Public prosecutor Laurent Robert commented: "We are dealing with a very particular offence, one which has been detrimental to humanity."

"The amount of works is incompatible with any notion of gift." he said continued during the trial.

Robert asked for a ''balanced'' sentence as he had concerns the couple were deeply effected by the trial and that the Le Guennecs had had no monetary gain from the artworks.

Roberts concluded: "One can be an honest person in life, and still make a mistake."