Patrum, the Patrons for the Arts of the Vatican Museums, have launched an app which allows donations to be made through a crowdfunding app.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 14.04.14 The Patrum app
Image via iTunes/Patrum

Although the Vatican does have a €16 admission fee, the premise is staffed by 800 and expenses including maintenance and protecting the ancient and Renaissance artwork in the museum.

One of the projects on Patrum's first round of funding includes restoring an 18th-century tapestry which needs $129 000 in order to be restored.

Sistinehall Sistine Hall in the Vatican Library
Image via de:User:Maus-Trauden

The app has a feature which gives anyone who donates the title of ''silver patron'', whilst gold patronage is given to those who fund an entire project. Users are also given updates on the museum and the opportunity to "discover the Vatican Museums collection behind the scenes."