One of the forefront designers of this style was Ossie Clark, an English fashion designer who was dubbed 'The King of King's Road' when he emerged on the fashion scene during the late 1960s. Yet it was the purchase of the brand by Radley in 1967 and the introduction of the affordable 'Ossie Clark for Radley' collections that meant his designs that would have been previously reserved for the rich and famous (such as Liza Minnelli) could now be bought by everyone.

In 1968 Clark designed his first diffusion line for 'Ossie Clark for Radley' which allowed his high end designs, often made from moss crepe, to enter the high street. It was Clark's marriage and fashion partnership to Celia Birtwell that really cemented their designs in fashion history. The long flowing skirts printed with Birtwell's patterns encapsulated 'the late-1960s vogue for languid and sensual Pre-Raphelite style fashions' and became highly sought after pieces at the time.

Today the vintage Ossie Clark label on dresses and garments can lead to them fetching good money at auction yet it is the pieces that also include Celia Birtwell's iconic patterns that are the most sought after, with one of Clark's chiffon 'Ziggy Stardust' gowns with a Celia Birtwell print selling for £5,500 recently at auction.