Over 440 lots will be available at the Italian auction house sale. Founded in 1998, Cambi recently set up shop in Milan, where an important Modern and Contemporary Art auction will take place on 8 May.

Hector and Andromeda (1955), Giorgio De Chirico Lot #314. Hector and Andromeda (1955), Giorgio De Chirico. Courtesy Cambi.

Stemming mostly from private collections, the works cover a wide geographical and historical period. Italian painters are obviously at the forefront, with a standout 1955 painting by de Chirico. Depicting Hector and Andromeda in the painter’s typical geometrical and intriguing manner, it is a small and delicate painting. It is estimated at £200,000.

Untitled (1959), Parmeggiani Tancredi Lot #322. Untitled (1959), Parmeggiani Tancredi. Courtesy Cambi.

Italian post-war artists are indeed well represented. Highlights include a beautiful 1959 painting from Tancredi (starting at £60,000), a large informal canvas painted by Giuseppe Santomaso in 1963 (estimated at £105,000) and a rare work by Pinot Gallizio from 1961 (a more affordable £21,000).

Minaccia (1963), Giuseppe Santomaso Lot #333. Minaccia (1963), Giuseppe Santomaso. Courtesy Cambi.

But this is far from being an Italian-only sale! Many paintings and works on paper by European and international artists such as Duchamp, Mirò, Warhol, Tapies, Chillida, Sol Lewitt and Man Ray will also come under the hammer.

Zeitstrup (1961), Pinot Gallizio Lot #332. Zeitstrup (1961), Pinot Gallizio. Courtesy Cambi

Particularly interesting is the sale of part of the collection of Arturo Swartz dedicated to Israeli painters coming from three generations: the modernist pioneers, the surrealists from the 1920s-1930s, and post-war contemporaries. Swartz also collected European artists, as displayed by the sale of many drawings and prints from Daniel Spoerri, Enriko Baj, Alik Cavaliere and many others.

And all these masterpieces are waiting for you in Milan… and on Barnebys!