Most art lovers are familiar with abstraction, whether they love it or hate it. But we dare you not to be moved by this deceptively small painting. Its composition seems simple at first: a grid of round shapes organized as if in a kaleidoscope, with illuminated facets. But look closer, and you will soon be immerged in a sea of discrete illuminations.

Packed with movement and intricate shapes, its folds and subtle shading almost give it a 3D-like effect. Rossiter masterfully explores the colour wheel, mixing green and pink hues – they are complementing colours after all! It truly is a breathing, living symphony.

Peter Rossiter was born in Cambridge in 1950 and trained at The Courtauld Institute in London. Art runs in the family, since his grandfather was the renowned expressionist painter Martin Bloch. He moved to Wales in 1990, and he has been painting relentlessly ever since. His work spans abstraction and figuration, with an enduring fascination for landscapes.

Peter Rossiter in his studio Peter Rossiter in his studio. ARR.

Maybe Murmuration is a landscape too? True, its title makes it more evocative of a feeling, or a sound. But “murmuration” also stands for a flocking of sterlings, a small, beautiful bird. The movement and colours of the painting gain a whole new meaning, as we imagine the birds flying high in the sky, their green plumage reflecting the light of the setting sun.

This stunning painting will get the recognition it deserves this summer, as it will be included in a major exhibition in Tenby Museum & Art Gallery (Wales). Priced at £2,750, this is a rare pre-exhibition opportunity!

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