We begin the exhibition with an installation of enormous ants that take over the whole room; their bodies made of cast human skulls. Casa tomada, Spanish for taken home references the lives of immigrants who are constantly searching asylum across the world.

In this series of gouaches, Brazilian artist Malta Campos uses paint mixed with collaged photographs to create these paintings which reveal both figurative and abstract forms.

Recycling is something that is an important component to Murillo's work. He mixes collage with biro, oil paint and dirt to create these very effective pieces of conceptual art, ''based on the stuff that life and art are truly made of.''


The impressive installation is made up of sewn coal sacks, which were originally imported by the Ghana Cocoa Board and then reused by charcoal sellers. The room is very dark and quiet, and just the sheer scale of the installation is enough to make you feel small and insignificant. If you go up close to each sack ,they all have their own story to tell, stamps, names, rips and locations. A very powerful piece of work.

Showing until 2nd November, 2014.

By Manon Teychenne- Simoes