Per Kirkeby began painting as a teenager, a passion which he soon combined with his studies as a geologist.

Although his first works were predominantly in Pop Art fashion, several years later Per Kirkeby soon gave over to geological experiments and studies.

On 25 September, Scandinavian auction house Bruun Rasmussen is auctioning off more than a dozen Kirkeby works which perfectly trace the artist's trajectory, from his early days to his more mature works. Made with various techniques, they are representative of 'the Pop Art of Geology'.

Kirkeby was not only a painter and geologist, but also a poet, a writer of art books, a teacher, filmmaker and even an explorer. There’s no doubt that within Northern Europe, Kirkeby has been one of the most influential Scandinavian abstract artists for more than half a century.

At the end of the 1950s, Per Kirkeby was labelled a landscape painter. By a decade later, in the ‘60s Kirkeby became an experimental artist influenced by the United States’ Pop Art. It is no surprise that Kirkeby produced many cartoon works as well as masonite ones (a type of highly compressed wood fibre board).

It was not until the late 1970s that Kirkeby began to experiment with the geological forms of nature, and to incorporate within his works references to the history of literature. His canvases became extremely intense, thanks to the multiple layers of oil paint which he filled with attenuated earthy colours.

Though accused by some of being a ‘provincial’ kind of pop artist, not using ‘sophisticated’ or ‘correct’ Pop Art methods, Kirkeby nevertheless used his art to capture his own personal experiences. Consequently, his work has left a strong impression on the art world, and he continues to inspire today.

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