On 24th- 25th June, Heritage Auctions will hold a sale dedicated to Prince, with lots including the famous yellow guitar that accompanied him on many world tours during the 1980's and 1990's.

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The legendary yellow guitar Prince, nicknamed "Yellow Cloud," will be auctioned in Beverly Hills, with a starting price of £20 000.

''One glimpse and you have no doubt that this is Prince’s guitar,'' commented Garry Shrum, Director of Music Memorabilia at Heritage Auctions.

''Prince was rarely photographed without an electric guitar strapped to his body. As celebrity stage-used instruments go, this piece is as unique as Beethoven’s piano or John Coltrane’s saxophone.''

The shape of the unusual guitar is a precursor to the ''Love Symbol'' which Prince used as his name during a contractual dispute with Warner Bros in the 1990's.

Sure to reignite many Prince fan's love for the music legend, the sale will also feature a 1984 "Purple Rain" RIAA Platinum Record Sales Award given to Prince and the Revolution commemorating the sale of more than 1 million copies of the record.

Check out Heritage on Barnebys here.