Ewbank's will sell the silk jacket with a matching skirt panel in their sale on 10th November. The sumptuous item was donated to a single owner collection by Queen Victoria's grand daughter-in-law Queen Mary (1867-1953).

The pink silk jacket, formerly the property of Queen Victoria, has been given a conservative estimate of between £1 000 and £2 000. With so much royal attention at the moment thanks to TV shows such as Victoria, The Crown and let's not forget all of Princess Charlotte and Prince George's appearances - we're predicting this piece will sell well over the estimate.

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It has a flared-form bodice and arms of pink watered silk embroidered in solid silver thread passing through the fabric. The satin stitch creates a raised effect on the jacket, which has cotton lining with internal drawstring, a matching skirt panel has the same silver decoration. The jacket has a provenance label, and was presented to the collection by Queen Mary.

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Andrea Machen, Ewbank’s textile specialist, commented: ''Whilst client confidentiality prevents us from revealing the origin of this important collection, we can say that it has been in existence for more than a century and has been expanded over that time.''

''Notes from the collection sometimes refer to the jacket as featuring Constantinople work and speculate that this may have been a gift from a Sultan, as motifs in the design have an Ottoman influence. However, the embroidery technique used does differ from Turkish work, and further historical notes suggest the work could have been carried out by the palace embroiderers.''

The team at Ewbank’s is expecting keen interest from all over the world for these garments, as items of Royal provenance are very rare.

The sale also features a 19th century Imperial Chinese silk panel, also donated to the collection by Queen Mary, of yellow silk with kesi woven roundels, which was probably worn as a stole. The design depicts a five-clawed dragon in gold thread, alternating with another symbol, possibly two carp and the reverse is a brocaded pattern of clouds.

The Stitches In Time, An Historical Collection of Embroidery and Textiles sale will take place at 10am on 10th November. Check out the full catalogue here.