First, to the Australian states, Sandafayre currently have and has sold in the past some of the most scarce and rare Australian States stamps ever to be sold including an 1896 Victoria, 1850 New South Wales, 1d pale red and a 53 Tasmania, 4d bright orange pair.

47095634 AUSTRALIAN STATES - SOUTH AUSTRALIA 1902-04 1s brown "POSTAGE" AND VALUE IN RED-BROWN variety, SG 275c, fine used with fully dated large circular "Adelaide" postmark, very rare.

44202512 AUSTRALIAN STATES - VICTORIA STAMP DUTY 1884 - 96 wmk V over Crown, £2 bright blue (SG 276) and 45s lilac (SG 277), both overprinted "SPECIMEN" diagonally. Fine mint with large part og, odd tone spot on perf tips. Rare. (2 stamps)

French Colonies stamps were issued by France for use in the parts of the French colonial empire that did not have stamps of their own. They were in circulation from 1859 to 1906 and then from 1943-1945. Amongst these sold at Sandafayre are the rare 1894 Somali Coast, 50fr rose and blue and the 1888 Gabon, 25 on 10c black.

40208343 FRENCH COLONIES - GUYANA 1892 35c violet on yellow ovptd, Yv 12, very fine mint. Scarce stamp.

44205616 FRENCH COLONIES - BENIN 1892 "75" on 15c blue, overprinted in black, Yv 17, very fine used. Signed Roumet. Rare and elusive stamp.

Barnebys have also picked out a selection from Ireland and Great Britain.

45108104 GREAT BRITAIN (QUEEN VICTORIA) - 1841 1D REDS PLATED, WITH MALTESE CROSS CANCELS. 1d red- brown COMPLETE SHEET RECONSTRUCTION each stamp with very fine Maltese Cross cancellation (SG 8 I.) arranged from positions AA to TL on 5 exhibition pages, approximately 217 stamps have their plate number identified in pencil on the reverse (plates between 3 and 39). Over half of the stamps have 4 margins, the others are very fine 3 margins (often appearing 4 margined but just touching at one point). A very pretty reconstruction of above normal quality examples (240 stamps)

47092336 IRELAND - 1946-47 2s complete booklet Edition No 29-46, SG SB7, never hinged mint, fresh & scarce.

43247838 IRELAND - 1935 Re-engraved Sea Horses complete set with Somerset House ovpts, SG 99/101, never hinged mint (3).

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