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We step inside the home of Calle and Thomas, where the entrance hall greets you with light and a hint of the festivities to come, thanks to a stunning crystal chandelier and colourful flower arrangements.

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Clever lighting throughout this house creates sparkles bouncing off mirror and crystal surfaces. A mirror from India hangs over a Chinese sideboard. The bird design lamp is by Parisian designer Mathieu Challières, in the style he is famous for.

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The dining room is ready for a party. Above the table, which is from a farm in Bergslagen, Sweden, a stunning chandelier hangs above guests as they dine.

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The outside is inside this interior, thanks to lavishly decorated Christmas trees as well as tasteful flower arrangements.

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Crystal and cut surfaces continue to be a feature in this home, even down to the champagne flutes and tumblers.

Check out how to get Thomas and Calle's Christmas interior with a few pieces we have selected from Barnebys.

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Top left: Christmas and commemorative cutlery decorated with enamel. Manufactured by A. Michelsen and Danske Guldsmedes Sølvvarefabrik Bruun Rasmussen

Top centre: Set of 4 Cibrario Crystal Glasses Artemest

Top right: French ormolu and Baccarat glass crystal fifteen-light chandelier Late 19th century Solomon Treasure

Bottom left: Victorian mahogany hall table fitted with two frieze drawers Eastbourne Auctions

Bottom centre: Emil Stejnar Chandelier, 18 Lights, 1965 20th C Objects and Murano Glass Parrot Floor Lamp Artemest

Bottom right: Museo Mirror Artemest

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Outside, a lantern warms up the garden, for festivities that continue late into the night.

Photographed by Kent Billeqvist.

Styled by Sigbrit Kvarning.