Artists from the new generation and masters of the urban art movement will be featured showing the evolution of the urban practice through diverse media.

Following last year's record sale, Tajan presents another artwork by Banksy. The painting features one of the most emblematic subjects of Banky's creation, a smiling reaper, perched on a clock displaying 11:50 p.m. Grin Reaper, 2003, is a unique print on silver paper and holds an estimate of €30 000 -40 000.

The American street art scene is also well represented with works by Blade, Dondi White, Crash, Rammellzee and Seen. The Pinacothèque de Paris is currently devoting an entire section to Rammellzee, who is regarded as the inventor of graffiti on canvas. A Rammellzee will be on sale at Tajan with an estimate of € 25 000-30 000.

The artist Futura2000, whose works are rarely seen on the market, will be featured. Green Arrow, 1984, could reach between €13 000-15 000. This piece is an example of how street art has entered the category of contemporary art, by its abstract composition and architectural shapes.

The artist Ludo who features some of his street works on paper, connects the natural, organic and candid world to our technological and impersonal world. Apple Spy, 2011, is a work on paper that combines an apple with a metal eye. The work has been featured at the exhibition Beyond Street Art at Musée de la Poste in 2013.

Other famous Street Art artists in the sale include Rero, JR, Jana & Js, JonOne and Pure Evil.

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