Regent Antiques, which has been operating for three decades, is one of the UK’s premier furniture dealers. They specialise in English and Continental furniture, both antique and contemporary, with silver, porcelain and decorative items.   

Their showrooms in London N4 display their stylish and sophisticated furniture, however it’s Regent Antiques’ bespoke marquetry that we’ve got our eyes on.

Marquetry is a craft which developed in the early 16th century, where different materials were inlaid into stone or wood to create patterns and pictures. This inlaying of different types of stones into marble began in Florence, and then the technique was copied for wood in Flanders and particularly Antwerp.

During the reign of Louis XIV, the craft passed into France and then onto Louis’ successors in the 17th century, where the beauty and elegance of furniture with marquetry was used to furnish royal palaces alongside other aristocratic residences.

Marquetry remains in fashion today, though of course is now aided by modern techniques and designs.

At Regent Antiques, marquetry is made with techniques of the hand, similar to those of the master craftsmen of earlier centuries. This way, Regent Antiques’ pieces are authentically in keeping with its Victorian styling.

Their fashionable and high quality pieces, as depicted throughout this article, are available to purchase – and would make a stylish statement in any collector’s home.  

For example, this is a wonderful bespoke handmade Victorian-style large dining table.

It seats sixteen people and is crafted in burr walnut, featuring exceptional quality marquetry with pewter, lapis lazuli and agate.

And this beautiful bespoke open bookcase comes in the Sheraton style with adjustable shelves. It was made in Regent Antiques’ workshops by third generation craftsmen. The shelves have three sections, each with six adjustable shelves, made from burr walnut with superb satinwood inlaid marquetry decoration.

The unique quality and design exemplified at Regent Antiques is sure to be a talking point in any home.

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