In 1805, Emperor Napoleon I founded the Order of the Iron Crown after he was crowned the King of Italy. The order was named after the king's crown of the Lombards, who ruled parts of Italy in the early Middle Ages. The Order of the Iron Crown of Napoleon was awarded up until to 1814. This order was ended by the Congress of Vienna as an order of the same name existed in Austria. In 1886, the Order of the Crown of Italy, was founded at the same time as the union of the Italian states, which goes back to the Iron Crown.

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Left: Kaiserl. Lions and Sunsets, Persia late 19th century

Starting bid: 400 EUR

Middle: Order of the Iron Crown, France 1st quarter of the 19th c.

Starting bid: 9,500 EUR

Right: Sankt Stanislaus-Orden, Russia ca. 1900

Starting bid: 500 EUR

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