Between 28th June until 4th July at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, experienced collectors and beginners alike will have the opportunity to discover and obtain exquisite works of art and design. There will be 160 international, knowledgeable and passionate exhibitors specialized in a wide variety of disciplines and eras. Together they create a broad spectrum of art, design and antiquities. With old and new, classical and contemporary - side by side.

Masterpiece London. Image: London Masterpiece London. Image: London

Masterpiece London has established itself as the leading cross collecting fair. This year will feature everything from important impressionist and modernist painting, celebration of British art and design, sparkling jewellery, antique objects as well as contemporary works.


This never before seen work consists of five alabaster portraits of the artist that merge performance, light and sculpture creating a hauntingly physical presence. As you move around this arena, the pieces decompose into intricately carved landscapes of alabaster.

Marina Abramovic. Image: Masterpiece Marina Abramovic. Image: Masterpiece

The Five Stages of Maya Dance is the result of a period of experimentation that Abramovic has been carrying out in the Factum Arte workshop in Madrid. The use of carved alabaster is a new way for Abramovic to give form to her ideas.

But of course Abramovic, while being one of the fair’s absolute peaks, is not the only highlight. The new exhibitor Art Ancient presents a rare ‘shooting star’ meteorite formed 4.6 billion years ago. Hauser & Wirth’s ‘Wunderkammer’, or cabinet of curiosities, creates wonderful contrasts by showcasing contemporary and modern art by Louise Bourgeois, Phyllida Barlow, Subodh Gupta and Phillip Guston alongside 18th and 19th century furniture.

Masterpiece London. Image: Masterpiece Masterpiece London. Image: Masterpiece

There is also an Impressionist and Modernist presence at the Fair with some highly important works. Landau Fine Art is showing an oil painting by Pablo Picasso that hung behind the desk of his only dealer Paul Rosenberg for decades.

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Gladwell & Patterson brought one of the late water lilies paintings by Monet and Hammer Galleries is showing early works by Joan Miró as well as Marc Chagall’s Peintre au coq rouge.

Marc Chagall. Image: Tate Marc Chagall. Image: Tate

Naturally, being one of the top art fairs in the UK many of the exhibitors are celebrating british masters. For example, Richard Green is holding a presentation ‘Best of British from our Shores and Beyond’ including pieces by L.S Lowry, John Costable and, of course british national treasure - Joseph Mallord William Turner.

Joseph Mallord William Turner, Landscape with water. Image: Artsy Joseph Mallord William Turner, Landscape with water. Image: Artsy

We could keep talking about the amazing exhibitors and their rich collections for hours, but you will do best by just visiting their website and the fair itself! Here you can discover more of the exquisite works of art as well as their collections in design, furniture, decorative arts, jewellery and talks that will be available.

See you at Masterpiece London!

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