The 2015 committee is made up of Gavin Turk, Dr Stephanie Buck and Mary Rozell, all esteemed names in the art world. Gavin Turk is best known as a member of the YBA group whose work gained recognition in the early 1990's after he exhibited at the Royal Academy's Sensation exhibition. Stephanie Buck is Martin Halusa Curator of Drawings at The Courtauld Gallery and has curated such exhibitions as Michelangelo's Dream (2010) and Goya: The Witches and Old Women Album (February-May 2015.) Rozell is an art historian and art lawyer and is also Director of Art Business at Sotheby's Institute New York

Here are a few of the talented artists exhibiting at the fair this year.

During Steve McGinn's application of paints, inks, resin and other media the resulting interactions become complex and difficult to predict. These chance accidents are integral to the nature of McGinn's work, which focuses on 'mistakes.'

Annie Blanchet Rouze is a French artist based in London. Annie's artworks focus on the use of different kinds of materials and the emotional outcome through imagination. Annie's artworks modify, reinvent, reduce or increase some aspects of the real.

Wall Street Bull is a part of The Kid series, a collection of artworks featuring the homonymous character from the Charlie Chaplin film. They have strong street art reference and references to Jeff Koons balloon sculptures. This pieces is a tribute to all stock markets of the world.

Orb (Ref.151) was created in early 2015 as part of a new body of work which will be on display at The Other Art Fair. This Orb was created in two parts as the chromed copper centre slots into the painted copper tube. The work was created as a marquette for a larger work which is currently being made.

Lauren Baker is a British contemporary whose work explores light, space, the after-life and other dimensions. She's created installations at Tate Britain, directed the windows of Selfridges and her sculptures sell in Harrods.

Baker is best known for her work using reflective material – including the world's first infinity mirror coffin at Tate Britain, a 7-ft mirrored geometric 'Portal to another dimension' commissioned by Clerkenwell Design Week, and 100 mirror eyes in the trees at Unknown Festival, Croatia.

valerio's work is an exploration of the traditional methods of photo chemical processes. valerio explore themes such as oral histories, chance observations and figments of the imagination.

The Other Art Fair is on at Victoria House until 26th April. For more information, see here.