Since 2000, Pantone has selected a colour which reflects the current cultural climate of design, architecture, fashion, food and travel.

The green-hue selected to represent 2017 is inspired by the fact that the forthcoming year will be one of revitalisation and sustainability. In the world of food and dieting, vegetarianism and even veganism are on the rise, city-dwellers are hitting the countryside and allotments, and this need for green is being reflected in homes, both in terms of colour and ideology.

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As stated in Barnebys Online Auction Report: sustainability and the environment are weighing heavily on the conscience of buyers when it comes to fashion and the home.

Sustainability trumps investment when it comes to the reason why consumers buy at auction, especially for younger buyers.

Back in 2013, Emerald was selected as the colour to represent the year, a shade which denoted luxury. Four years on, Greenery is inspired by the exact opposite: minimalism and the trend for upcycling.

Vivienne Westwood is currently standing at the forefront of an upcycling and ethically responsible revolution. The veteran fashion designer stated that her latest collections are inspired by the concept to: ''Buy less, choose well, make it last.''

Auctions, the second-hand and vintage market are all important players in this green revolution. Younger generations can buy without guilt, sell much-loved furniture rather than throwing it out, and above all invest in quality furniture and fashion that will have a longer life than mass-produced items.