Born Wilhelmus Hendrikus Marie 'Wilm' Wouters on 6th February 1887 in The Hague, artist Wilm Wouters is one of the stars of early 20th century Dutch art.

The artist began his working life in the diamond industry, and spent sometime as a sailor. In 1908, his work with illustrator AP Hahn led him to Amsterdam, where he became fascinated by the Rijksakademie. Hahn helped Wouters to enrol at the Rijksakademie.

Wouters' training began in 1909, studying at the Rijksakademie, under such guidance of Dutch artists Nicolaas van der Waay and Antoon Derkinderen, for five years.

Throughout his career his lived and worked in Amsterdam as well as various places across Holland. From 1918 to 1925, Wouters lived and worked in Volendam, in the north of Holland.

In 1919, Wilm Wouters married Conny Spaander, the youngest daughter of Leendert Spaander, the director of the famous 'artist hotel' Spaander in Volendam. Today, a number of works by Wouters are in the collection of Hotel Spaander.

His work from his Volendam period was figurative in style, concentrating on interiors and figures. During the 1920s, he began to concentrate on Still Life and flowers, a style made famous by his Dutch ancestors.

From this, Wouters moved on to figures and portraits. This piece here, which is soon to be up for auction at Veilinggebouw de Zwaan is perhaps from this period.

As well as at Hotel Spaander, Wouters work can be seen in the Gemeentemuseum at The Hague. As an important part of Dutch art history, eleven paintings by Wouters are part of the The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands' collection.

Both Sotheby's and Christie's dedictaed Dutch Art sales in Holland have seen Wouters' works sell for around €9 000. Check out realised prices for Wilm Wouters here.

Veilinggebouw de Zwaan's Fine Art sale will run from 21st June to 4th July, 2017. Check out the full catalogue here.