The works have been consigned from the collection of Jon Gould, a friend to both artists, who passed away in 1986 at the age of 33.

When these works comes to auction on 2nd December, 2017, at John McInnis Auctioneers in Massachusetts, it will be the first time they have seen the light of day for over 30 years. The artworks are part of the sale of Harriet (Woodsom) Gould's estate.

Jon Gould was one of Warhol's closest friends during the 1980's. A collector himself, Gould would works pieces to exhibit in Vermont. The pieces coming up for auction, however, are part of Gould's private collection, which remained in his family home, until now.

Works by Warhol and his contemporaries Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf are part of this private collection coming up for sale. As well as Warhol, Gould counted Basquiat as a close friend.

Gould and Warhol shared a complex relationship, with the former leading a double life, one with Warhol in New York City and the other in Los Angeles. He held a high-powered corporate job as vice president at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood. But in his other life, he was a major player of the 1980's New York Pop Art scene, where he cultivated an intimate relationship with Warhol and his circle.

It is well documented that Warhol would shower Gould with gifts during their time together, having first meeting towards the end of 1980. The pieces uncovered in Gould's private estate bring to life the complex love and relationship they had for each other. The auction includes many of these very items, which Jon kept at his homes in Manhattan and Beverly Hills. Upon Jon’s death, his mother packaged up virtually everything her son owned and shipped it all back to Amesbury. That is where these items sat, undisturbed, these many years until his wife Harriet's passing in 2016.

Most of the first 130 objects in the auction are gifts from Andy to Jon. These include artworks, books, photos, 15 or so Native American objects (baskets, beadwork and quillwork), several glass pieces (to include Lalique and Baccarat), a pair of carousel horses, Adirondack furniture, clothing and other items.

Perhaps no other item in the sale captivates the complexity of Warhol and Gould's relationship than the synthetic polymer on stretched canvas painting that Warhol intentionally fashioned. Titled Abstraction – A Gift to Jon Gould, the 16 inch by 25 inch work is emotional and thought-provoking. To understand the reality of expression in Andy's work, the lot includes several copies of poems, previously unseen, that Jon penned to Andy. Nothing could be more familiar to an artist such as Andy, as a stretched canvas. Andy broke the stretchers, forming it into a shape, then painted it. A tragedy of sorts, this moving piece symbolises what was going on in their relationship.

Estimated at £375 000-750 000 ($500 000-$1 million) this piece is expected to be the biggest seller of the auction. However, not all pieces in the sale come with such a price-tag, for example, the copy of Exposures (Grossett & Dunlap, N.Y., 1979), signed once on the dust jacket (''To John / Andy'') and once on the title page, rather cryptically (''To Jon, Without Love – Love, Andy Pandy'') has an estimate of £112-224 ($150-$300.)

''It’s a blessing in a way that Harriett Gould was, as Andy was, a collector, as anyone who enters her home would attest,'' said Dan Meader, Director at John McInnis Auctioneers.

'''Jon and Andy’s relationship was a complex one and by all accounts Andy was infatuated and in love with Jon, here for the first time we see a bit of the other side of the relationship. In Andy’s prior relationships, he did not shower them with gifts. This love with Jon was a challenge like he never had. He acted much differently with him and presented him with many personal expressions of objects and art,'' commented Meader.

Perhaps no other image is as closely linked with Warhol's oeuvre as his iconic Marilyn portrait, which can command dizzying prices at auction. In this sale, an invitation to the Factory Editions event, Andy Warhol, A Print Retrospective, 1963-1981, which ran from 21st November to 22nd December, 1981, in New York, showing one image of Marilyn, 1967 on the front and signed “Jon / Andy”, is expected to hit £3 750-7 500 ($5 000-$10 000.)

A birthday card collage, with folded, cut and arranged children’s birthday greeting cards, signed ''Jon….love Andy Warhol'' in a period Plexiglas frame, should also command £3 750-7 500 ($5 000-$10 000.)

Other artists' names in the auction include photographer Christopher Makos, Roy Lichtenstein, Antonio Lopez, Marcel Duchamp, Peter H. Beard, James Mac, Oliver Sanchez, Salvador Dali and Thomas Mails, as well as many others.

Five lots in the auction which were gifted to Jon from Basquiat include a pair of vases painted by Basquiat and signed ''J.B.'' and a circa 1983 leather jacket with an image of Basquiat are also part of the sale.

Exhibitions will be held on 30th November, and on the days of auction. Check out the full catalogue here.