The Andy Warhol Foundation have joined forces with U.S toy giant Mattel to create an Andy Warhol Barbie doll.

Image via Mattel/DutchBarbieWorld Image via Mattel/DutchBarbieWorld

The limited edition doll, which hits the shelves at $150, wears Warhol's trademark monochrome outfit, complete with striped top, sunglasses and nest-like hair.

Image via Mattel Image via Mattel

The Barbie, which draws influence from Warhol's 1986 Barbie, Billy Boy painting, is accompanied by paintbrushes, a Polaroid camera and a miniature version of Warhol's Barbie painting.

Andy Warhol Barbie, Portrait of Billy Boy, 1986 Andy Warhol Barbie, Portrait of Billy Boy, 1986

The painting was rumoured to be inspired by 23 year-old Billy Boy, one of Warhol's muses, a jewellery designer who collected Barbie dolls. This very painting of Billy resides in Mattel's Californian headquarters.