Madill was travelling first-class on the White Star Line ship, she writes in the letter about setting sale from Southamption at 11:30am. Madill wrote three sides on RMS Titanic headed paper and dated the letter April 10 1912 to recipient Doris. Five days later tragedy struck as the ship collided with the iceberg.

Alexandra travelled with her cousin, Miss Elisabeth Walton Allen, her mother Mrs Elisabeth Walton Robin, and her maid, Emilie Kreuchen. It is documented that all four were saved from death as they were rescued in Lifeboat 2.

Madill details  in the letter about another tussle with danger the ship had. She claims excitedly: 'The ''Oceanic" & "New York" were moored beyond us and just after we had left the dock the "New York" broke her cables & drifted into our stern – it was most exciting!'

Here, Madill explains what was very nearly a first accident which occurred as a result of a displacement of water generated by the ship. Two boats were lifted  by this water caused by the Titanic and the SS City of New York's cables snapped, as Madill explains in her letter.

A tugboat in amongst the action came to the aid of New York and cleared it from being taken down by the Titanic.

Madill's letter is estimated to fetch £2000-4000. The amazing piece was discovered by Toovey's during a valuation for probate at a local property, were its existence was unknown to the homeowners who have no knowledge of how the recipient, the deceased's mother, had any connections with Madill.

Check out the rest of the sale here, which includes a postcard of the unveiling of the Titanic Memorial.