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Design elements from Charles & Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen, Franco Poli and contemporary Ron Arad share the space and the colour palette in orange, pink and light brandy creates a playful contrast to the contemporary art pieces on the walls by artists such as Agostino Bonalumi, Cang Xin and Francesco Jodice.

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The huge panoramic windows in the living room lead out to a terrace with a stunning view over Florence, where one can also glimpse Palazzo Vecchio and the Duomo.

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Andrea Tanini  - who are you and how would you describe the style in your home?
I am an architect, just like my wife Isa. We are a family of entrepreneurs who produce and distribute design products for bathrooms and homes, in Italy and in the world, which has strongly influenced our interior style.

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What else influences you? 
We have lived in many houses in Italy and abroad. We are always trying to create spaces where we could feel at ease, without any particular conditioning of styles and fashions. We love to put together art and designs from different places all over the world.

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Are you influenced by any specific time era or places around the world
In the last few years my wife, in particular, has preferred classical and modern design from Northern Europe. It is no coincidence that in our work we have a very good relationship with the Scandinavian studios Studio Note, and Norm Architects that both design for our company.

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In the living room, colours, shapes and materials are mixed, all originating from the 20th century.

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Do you have any favourite piece of furniture or art at home?
One of my favourite pieces is the table and chairs in walnut designed by Franco Poli. It’s an original piece from 1981 that we bought a few years ago at the auction house Pandolfini.

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What makes a home beautiful and homey, according to you?
Soft colours for surfaces and ceilings, top quality materials for the flooring, and a great selection of artwork on the walls.

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What is your advice to people buying vintage design and antiques or acquire art through auctions?
Opting for trustworthy and reliable auction houses. If you are interested in important pieces always be sure of the authenticity and do some research on the hammered prices of recent sales.

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What will your next acquisition be?
My dream would be to get an original neon by Tracey Emin, who is an artist I love. It's a pity I didn’t buy it when prices were still affordable!

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How do you think one should think in terms of interior design? Strategically or let it be built up organically?
Before starting the renewal, it is important to have a general idea of how it should be regarding the environment in which it is set in, and the lifestyle you would like to live there. All the rest will come over time. The objects and things you'll find and love year after year during your life’s journey will add harmony and warmness to space, but they will never take away the original aesthetic.

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Text by Malin Ebbing
Photos: Aldo Siegel