ask_alex_3_1024x1024 'Ask Alexander’ Illusionist Poster, 1915
Price: £890
Luke Honey

A striking 'Ask Alexander', original magic poster featuring the stage magician and hypnotist, Claude Alexander Conlin (1880-1954.) The piece was printed by Av Yaga, Bombay, circa 1915, and is finished in a wonderfully rich brown reeded frame.

P1100355_1024x1024 Unusual Staunton Chess Set for the Blind
Price: £580
Luke Honey


Staunton is a name synonymous with chess, this Staunton set is a something rather special. The pattern boxwood and ebony chess set has been crafted in the late 19th century, specifically for blind players. This unusual antique set has been cleverly designed for use by blind people as the squares and chessmen can be identified by touch alone. It features white bishops with cuts to the sides, white pawns with special thin 'wedges' to the top, white rooks with special thin 'wedges' to the battlements (to differentiate the white side from the black side), the chessmen drilled to take pegs or metal screws, with an accompanying mahogany and rosewood chess board/box for the blind, the alternate raised squares in rosewood and boxwood, with peg-holes for the chess pieces, the interior with a green baize lining, and brass hook clasp.

Original_Phrenology_Head_1024x1024 Original Antique Phrenology Head, circa 1855
Price: £920
Luke Honey

A glazed original antique phrenological ceramic bust by Lorenzo Niles Fowler, circa 1855, transfer letting against a white ground, black and blue lining, L. N. Fowler, 337, Strand, London, 14.2cm wide, 30.5cm high, 15cm deep.

"For thirty years I have studied Crania and living heads from all parts of the world, and have found in every instance that there is a perfect correspondance between the conformation of the healthy skull of an individual and his known characteristics. To make my observations available I have prepared a Bust of superior form and marked the divisions of the Organs in accordance with my researches and varied experience. L. N. Fowler."

P1090995_1_1024x1024 Ivory Gambling or Teetotum Ball, early 19th century
Luke Honey

An unusual ivory gambling, lotto or teetotum ball, early 19th century, multi-faceted (12 sides) with engraved Roman numerals. The teetotum ball derives from the Latin for whole stake, ''totum.'' The ball is spun in the same away as a dice with each side numbered, one would place a bet on the throw of the ball.


Marx_racer_1024x1024 A Marx Super Streamline Racer, circa 1948
Price: £250
Luke Honey

An American lithographed tinplate "Super Streamline Racer" by Marx, circa 1948, with celluloid driver, clockwork mechanism and wind-up handle, 42cm long, 25.5cm wide.

Bertram Mills Circus Poster, 1936 Luke Honey Bertram Mills Circus Poster, 1936
Luke Honey

Another poster which captures Popular culture and entertainment in the last century. This is a Bertram Mills Circus Poster, Christmas 1936, colour lithography on paper, designed by Leon Crossley, featuring the Hungarian juggler, Ferroni.


LSB_2295_1024x1024 The New Military Game of German Tactics
Price: £350
Luke Honey

"The New Military Game of German Tactics", circa 1860, is a variation on the old game of Fox and Geese and is a rare find. The circular board with polychrome decoration and inscription, the reverse of the game with the rules, including 24 turned bone pegs and 2 turned red pegs.

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