Want to learn more about the ‘Hallmark’ holiday that lands annually on 14 February? Below is a list of fun facts about Valentine’s Day.

Portrait of Saint Valentine Portrait of Saint Valentine

So who was Saint Valentine exactly? Saint Valentine of Rome was a temple priest who was executed near Rome by the anti-Christian Emperor Claudius II.

And what was his crime? St. Valentine helped Roman soldiers to marry when they were forbidden to do so by the Christian faith at the time.

23-handmade-chocolates-heart-shaped-box 23-handmade-chocolates-heart-shaped-box

And what about the candy?

Every year, more than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are sold across the United States

funny-valentines-cards-2 funny-valentines-cards-2

14 February is the second biggest card giving day of the year, coming in just after Christmas. It is expected that 1 billion cards will be exchanged around the world this year on Valentine’s Day.

Teachers receive the most Valentine’s Day cards, followed by children, mothers, wives and girlfriends.

Hallmark was one of the first to mass produce a Valentine’s Day card. They first started producing their Valentine’s cards over a century ago, back in 1913.

amy-shamblen-662202-unsplash amy-shamblen-662202-unsplash

It is estimated that the US alone spends around US$3.3 billion (£2.52 bil) on flowers for loved ones. Of the 124.6 million households in the US, it’s predicted that 43 million of them will purchase flowers. We hope you don’t get hay fever.

The flower most likely to be bought is, unsurprisingly, red roses.

The only other day that beats Valentine’s Day in floral sales is Mother’s Day.

Single on Valentine’s Day? No problem! In 2015, 18% of women sent flowers to themselves.

helena-lopes-519494-unsplash helena-lopes-519494-unsplash

Let’s not forget about our pets! Every year, around 9 million people buy their pets a gift for Valentine’s Day.

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When it comes to gift giving, chocolates get eaten, flowers perish and cards are tossed. A piece of jewellery, however, lasts a lifetime.

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