£312,000 was the final price for a bowl sold at Duke's Auctions on 21st May. The owners who had kept the bowl in a spare room, had no idea of the value of the bowl.

Image courtesy of Duke's Image courtesy of Duke's

Valued at Duke's Antiques Roadshow charity event in Dorset, the piece turned out to be a rare Ming bowl. Experts can now tell them that the nine-inch dish was a Jun Number One Narcissus bowl form the 14th century, and had been made for China's Imperial Palace during the reign of Hongwu, the first Ming emperor.

Image courtesy of Duke's Image courtesy of Duke's

The buyer was a private Chinese collector and the bowl will now return to its place of birth. The bowl had been in the family since 1939 when Chinese artefact collector ACJ Wall bought it from the collections of 20th-century Liverpool-born collector George Eumorfopoulos.

pay-PROD-BNPS_ChineseEmperorBowlSells_04 Image courtesy of Duke's

They had it valued 27 years earlier but with a remarkably lower estimate. Fortunately for the couple, the Asian art and antique market has boomed since then, and they exchanged a bowl for change into a large sum of money.

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