This month we have launched, our eighth international market.

As the world increasingly becomes one big marketplace, we take a new step in Europe opening up the world market to Italian buyers and sellers.

The auction market has become global and Barnebys is a pioneer of new markets. It is time to focus on Italy which is home to some of the most astonishing art, design and antique collections on earth. Now Barnebys can offer Italy the world. And the world to Italy.

Italy has enormous power in the art market. With a long history of producing the world's leading arts and crafts, Italian artists and designers have set the standard in many fields from automotive to fashion design, from jewellery to watches and furniture.

With a population who bought and sold amazing art and interesting objects since ancient times, Italy is one of the world's largest markets for art and antiques. Our experience of entry into other markets in Europé and the USA tells us that we can expect to have millions of buyers and sellers using Barnebys within the first five years.

Barnebys breaks new ground in a traditional market that has had its given rules, all too long. Today it is important to be able to adapt to the needs of the customer. It's about meeting a new generation of buyers and sellers and adapting the market to today's audience and their needs. If you succeed, the potential is huge.

CEO and co-founder of Cambi Casa d´Aste commented, "For years, our auction house has been working satisfactorily with Barnebys, a great window to the internationell market, a useful and functional site, something that didn't exist before.''

Avanti Italia! Visit here.