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We continue the final part of the interview (read the first installment here), with Rune Bruvik, Creative Director of Bruvik Time.

Johan Sehlstedt: - Can you spot any trends in the watch industry- if so, how does Bruvik Time fit in with them?

Rune Bruvik, Creative Director, Bruvik Time: -Trends in the watch market moves slowly, as it is a very traditional industry. However, I do see that the watch industry is moving more in the direction of brands that open brand stores with only one brand or several brands for sale from a bigger watch group. The big watch groups also sets very high demands for the watch shops in terms of volumes etc. This opens more up for other smaller brands like BRUVIK. So we do welcome this trend, as we cooperate with our sales points instead of just adding higher demands every year. It is also interesting what the big brands will do, if or when, markets such as the Far East slow down the hunger for well known brands, but that is a long and other discussion. As it is developing now, we are sure that we fit well into the "new" emerging watch world.

Bruvik Lady Rose Ceramic ( Bruvik Lady Rose Ceramic (

Johan Sehlstedt: - Do you have any Bruvik anecdotes you'd like to share?

Rune Bruvik: - Already in 2010 we participated with our own very little stand at the worlds biggest watch venue; the BaselWorld show in Switzerland. The cost of this was way over our marketing budget, be we decided to take the chance in order to learn more about the business. We travelled with 2 of our board members and 1 good friend of mine, and stayed at a hotel in France. The room was only a double room, but our chairman and my good friend from my school days had to lay on the floor and two of us on the double bed. We had some good laughs about this after, and it was quite far from the luxury hotel suites that the big brands use during the show. We did what we had to do, with limited funds and the dream of exploring BaselWorld as an exhibitor.

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Johan Sehlstedt: - How is Bruvik received by watch enthusiasts, not only in scandinavia, but the rest of the world?

Rune Bruvik: -Much better now than when I started. In 2009 I started up with a ceramic model, and even if it sold well, I do think that most watch enthusiasts were not to happy about it. And I also got a lot of negative feedback for not using other decorated movements etc. This is now much better, as I think the models developed the last two years, are much more appreciated by real watch enthusiasts all over the world. As mentioned previously I could easily make a watch that had all the features that any watch enthusiast would greatly appreciate, but as a new brand it is very risky to make products with retail prices at several thousand pounds. I am confident that products in mid range will do best in a world filled with various financial situations.

Bruvik Svalbard Signature ( Bruvik Svalbard Signature (

Johan Sehlstedt: - When you create a new model- what inspires you? And how long does the process take?

Rune Bruvik: -New models are always developed in my mind whilst travelling. It seem that to be "on the move" creates the best ideas for me. I let myself be inspired by the nature and by surfaces from all kinds of stuff, like furniture, cars and buildings. It is a long process from the first idea to the final product, as it must fit well in the concept and look nice. A normal developing process takes around 1-2 years.

Wristhshot: Bruvik: Arctic Ocean I Wristhshot: Bruvik: Arctic Ocean I

Johan Sehlstedt: - What can we expect from Bruvik in 2015?

Rune Bruvik: In 2014 I developed two models; arctic ocean one and arctic ocean two. These are new models for 2015, and this year the focus is to develop some variation within these models, and to secure the best possible quality for existing models. In addition, we work constantly with further development of the concept and the further international distribution.

Johan Sehlstedt: - Anything you like to add to the interview?

Rune Bruvik: -I do think that the interest for wristwatches is growing in Scandinavia. Even from my start in 2009, I see that a lot more end consumers who seem to appreciate a nice wrist watch, which is very good! I find it also very interesting that this happens in a period when time is not necessary to be shown on the wrist. The need for more knowledge behind design and products are very good, and strengthens the relation between the consumer and the product. In this way wristwatches create feelings, that you might fear that were forgotten in a busy technological world.

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