Since 2005, some wines which have proved themselves to be worthwhile investments have increased in value at approximately twice the rate of the S&P 500.

This means that there has been an increase of 34% increase between 31st October 2005 to 31st October 2015. An impressive figure as during the same period the FTSE rose 20%.

Image via The Founder Image via The Founder

But enough about figures, let's get down to the fun bit, how to pick your wines. Bordeaux, Burgundy and California Cult Wines have all proven as the best vintages to invest in as they have shown to appreciate the most over time.

Ready to buy? Get yourself to a winery. If you're not within distance of a vineyard, a lot of California wineries have 'wine clubs' that will send the wines to consumers both in the US and abroad. Be patient, many of these wineries have waiting lists and it can take months or even years to land a place in the wine club.

Auction houses are also a great place to make investments in the god's nectar. Wine auctions on the whole offer better prices than retailers. The fun in buying wine from an auction lies in the research, get searching for wines on Barnebys here.

Always be on the look out for fraudulent wine bottles and don't forget once you have purchased your vino to store it professionally or in the proper conditions at home.

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