The story of two entrepreneurs

The idea of Artsper came from two young entrepreneurs, Hugo Mulliez (27) and François-Xavier Trancart (25). Everything started a few years ago during Hugo's internship at an investment fund in New York. In the US, the e-commerce websites selling contemporary art had already started to boom, but there wasn't any equivalent service in Europe. On his return to France, Hugo got to know the art market and realized there was a real opportunity. In the summer of 2012, Hugo and François-Xavier decided to go for it! Thanks to Artsper, and the like of Barnebys, art is finally becoming accessible to everyone.

Artsper, a trend-setter

Artsper sells art online selected by its partner galleries. The website offers exposure to galleries and provides access 24/7 to more than 5,000 works from 250 European galleries. Host to a huge range of artworks and artists including Takashi Murakami, Liu Bolin and Jeff Koons; as well as emerging artists – there is an endless array of artworks guaranteed to suit any taste. On Artsper you can easily browse artworks, artists or galleries with an adapted and effective navigation system. Each artwork shown on the website is fully documented (price, biography, dimensions, etc.) in order to answer all your questions. If you still need to be convinced, use the innovative feature "View in a room" to scale and display your favourite artwork in a room.

A creative website

Far from being a mere catalog of artworks, Artsper is also a content site that evolves every day. Regularly, galleries enrich the website with their upcoming exhibitions, new artists, next fairs, etc. To guide you even more, influential players in the art market are regularly invited on Artsper to talk about art and share their favourite artworks. Artsper's online magazine will also keep you informed of all the cultural events across Europe - exhibitions, top of the art, collector's guide, emerging artists... you won't miss anything in the contemporary art world!

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