Nye & Company

John and Kathleen Nye founded Nye & Company back in 2003, although by then it had a different name. Since 2010 the company has been known as Nye & Company. They have knowledgeable and very helpful staff that includes renowned experts in the field. The team who works at Nye & Company always works together to find the specifique antiques and collectibles that you are looking for, in full accordance with the budget that are posted.

They have clients and working relationships all throughout the United States but the primarily business is found in the New York region. Nye & Company has a good understanding of the competition and other relevant factors in their area and are therefore able to give their clients the most thorough and cost-effective service.

Nye & Company also have a website where their online catalogues are presented as well as information about their traditional club auctions. With this service provided, they can easily reach out to a large clientele yearly. Their clientele consists of celebrities, major corporate organizations and also unique private collections. Through their experience and deep roots in the art world, they can contribute with the same level of service that can be compared with much larger firms than Nye & Company itself.

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