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Subasta Real

Subasta Real is a online only Spanish Auction House offering Fine Art, paintings and sculptures, photography, and lithographies from XIX, XX and XXI century.

Articles related to Subasta Real

Revolutionising realism: The hyperrealist hype

In the 1960's in America, a new art form was emerging which both mesmerised and perplexed audiences. Hyperrealism and the Hyperrealism school of art focused on creating sculptures, frequently of nudes, that were so much so close to life that it was unsettling to the viewer.


The great variety of Durán Arte y Subastas

On 23rd July, the Spanish auction house Durán Arte y Subastas will hold a sale more eclectic than ever, consisting of nearly 800 lots. With a wide range of paintings, sculptures, jewellery, watches and clocks, fashion, religious icons and silverware, the catalogue is a gold mine for all sorts of collectors. Here are Barnebys 5 favourites: