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Erik Dietman (1937-2002) Sweden

Erik Dietman was a Swedish painter and sculptor. Dietman was educated at Konstskolan (Art School) in Malmö and settled in Paris in 1959. During his career he worked as a professor at both the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris and the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Language plays an important role in Dietman’s artistry. Much of the art involves a play on words, employing the language of puns, distortions and double-entendres. As an artist Dietman was a contemporary dadaist who was extremely critical of the authorities in both society and language. His sculptures were inspired by artists such as Marcel Duchamp and new realism. The artist actively participated in Fluxus. His sculptures are made from stone, bronze, aluminium and cast-iron. The objects are often wrapped in gauze or bandaged, as if they were injured. Dietman was not afraid to mix different materials and won a prize for sculptor of the year in France.