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Erik Olson (1901-1986) Sweden

Erik Olson was a Swedish surrealist painter and graphic artist born in Halmstad. He studied at Tekniska Skolan in Halmstad and in 1920 was enrolled in Ferdinand Léger's first group of students at the Académie Moderne in Paris. For a time Olson lived in Denmark where he was member of a Danish surrealist group. His art was blacklisted by the Nazis in 1940 when he was forced to escape back to Halmstad, where he became a founding member of the Halmstad Group. Olson's art continued to be characterized by Surrealism into the 1960s and 1970s. During his artistic career he also portrayed religious themes and his work adorns many churches in Sweden.

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ERIK OLSON. "Molnet hotar". Olja på duk, signerad och daterad -66.
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