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Eva Hesse (1936 - 1970) USA

Shortly after Eva Hesse’s birth in Hamburg 1936, she and her Jewish family emigrated to New York to avoid Germany’s Nazi regime. Graduating from New York’s School of Industrial Art at the age of 16, she then studied at Cooper Union for three years. Eventually she received a bachelor's degree from Yale University where she studied under Josef Albers.
Hesse is mostly known for her sculptures, often made out of latex, fiberglass and plastics. She is associated with the post minimalist movement due to the scarce use of colour, organic forms and the irregularity of her sculptures. Because of a brain tumour, Hesse’s death at the age of 34 ended a career spanning only ten years. Despite this she influenced many of her contemporaries and successors as she was one of the most influential artists of the 1960s.