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Gustavian style evolved with clear national features. The style is rooted in an interest in antiquity and the excavations at Pompeii and Herculaneum. The elegance and high quality are retained from the Rococo period, but instead of the soft flowing lines and asymmetrical shapes, symmetry, straight lines and simplicity prevail. The curved lines of the Rococo bureau were straightened, and the furniture was endowed with colorful intarsia, gilded borders and trim. The chairs were painted, preferably in gray or gray-green, chair legs were straightened and backrests became square or oval.

Articles related to Gustaviansk

No place like home: Inside Château de Palayson vineyard in Provence

When Christine and Alan von Eggers Rudd saw the dilapidated vineyard Château de Palayson a stone's throw from the French Riviera in Provence, it took just five minutes for them to decide to buy it. Today, the couple produce award-winning wine at the vineyard and have renovated the glorious Château with a mix of French, Gustavian and modern pieces.


At Home in the Swedish Countryside

In Stockholm's northern Archipelago, Sofia Ekeroth de Almeida, Vice President of Sotheby's Stockholm, lives with her husband Bruno in an idyllic red house from the 1850s.